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  • Efficiency and reproducibility in plant protection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Expandable and highly customizable
  • Savings through precise control of the spread rate
  • Upgradeable: Get more out of your sprayer!

Why using SmartSpray?

SmartSpray is a modular solution that combines high efficiency with simple operation and flexible adaptation.


SmartSpray, the right decision for a high-performance system solution

A compact and rugged control unit provides the platform for all actuators and sensors ensuring the correct dosage of the chemical spray.

  • Rugged components suitable for mobile use
  • Freely configurable to meet your specific application (eg 2 to 14 sections are possible)
  • Intelligent control sequences ensure lowest power consumption, maximum reliability and long life of the system

How do we solve that?

The ergonomic operation of SmartSpray and display of all important application data is performed by an input device with TFT display, rotary encoder and soft keys.

  • SmartSpray and SmartAir (air volume flow control) can be operated from one single input device
  • Data export allows business reporting, storage and management of spray programs and the application data

Multilanguage (english, russian, …)

Simple, intuitive operation

Teach functions for integration

SmartSpray – the modular concept makes the difference

An intelligent system.

Modular structure, flexible integration of hardware and software as well as  expandabilty  and adaptability – SmartSpray represents an intelligent system with high and durable utility.

  • Various options such as speed-, flow- and level-sensors are easy to retrofit
  • Additional functions can be optimally integrated through modular hardware and software
  • Coming soon: Data export allows business reporting, storage and management of spray programs and the application data

Speed sensor

Pressure sensor

Speed sensor (inductive)

Flow sensor

SmartSpray stands for increased efficiency, safe and manageable

Since 20006 inovel has been developing and maufacturing innovative products in the field of electronic control systems and interface technology
Benefit from our expertise on innovative and user-friendly operating solutions – especially in the domain of agriculture technology

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